Alternative ways of feeling better

Wyatt McCandless

This was my first time trying IV therapy. I had been feeling sick for a few days with a bad cough, congestion, feeling lethargic etc. We made an appointment with Valley Wide, and I can’t say enough good about the experience. My technician was awesome! We had a Myers Cocktail, and within a few hours I felt improvement. The next morning I felt considerably better than the previous morning and was able to go to work. I definitely recommend Valley Wide IV Therapy to anyone wanting to give it a try or anyone wanting to look for alternative ways of feeling better from different ailments.

I will 100% do it again

Briana McCAndless

I was hesitant to try IV therapy because I’m not a huge fan of needles but I was really sick and the idea of loading up my 4 kids to sit in a waiting room at an urgent care sounded worse, so I scheduled an appointment with Valley Wide IV Therapy. They were so professional and came to my house quickly. I was able to get a Myers Cocktail Infusion while my kids played and I relaxed on the couch. By the next day I felt 100% better and was able to go back to my everyday routine. I would 100% do it again, they are amazing.

I felt 100% better

Genia Cole

If you really know me you know I’d rather die than get medical help. I dislike doctors and I feel all most do is prescribe pills to make you feel better and personally I Feel there’s better ways. I posted that I wasn’t feeling well and 10 minutes later Josh Brown was messaging me. I’ve looked at his IV therapy stuff and was pretty interested but never did it. He flat out told me to do it, if I didn’t feel better he would pay for it! Well bud, you don’t have to pay for it. 30 minutes into the bag I felt 100% btter. The really cool thing is these professionals come to you and work around your schedule. This will definetly be my go to from now on. Give them a try!

Better then going to the doctor

Genia Cole

After being sick over and over I decided to try Valley Wide IV and within 30 minutes my headache was gone and within a few hours I felt 100% better. I will definetly be keeping in touch with them. This was way better than going to the doctor and getting on medication that takes days to make a difference. Thank you Josh Brown for helping me choose the right package and getting set up, and thank you to my technician for doing an excellent job. Well done Valley Wide IV Therapy, you just created a lifetime client.

Monthly selfcare rituals

Kaydee Mickelsen

(Ms. Idaho 2022)

A few days ago I got an iv treatment done by Valley Wide IV Therapy from the comfort of my home! They were very professional and answered all my many question. The great thing about this company is that they come to you! No need to drie into town and take any extra time, they just show up for the appointment and when they are done it’s like they were never there ) except that you feel amazing!)

There are so many options for vitamins and minerals your body needs. You can customize your IV with different add ins too. I personally chose one that can help with my recovery time from workouts and my hair, skin, and nails. I felt so great after my treatment. My skin is glowing and hydrated and I have more energy. My nose and skin get so dry all the time but since my treatment I haen’t had dry crackly nose at all and my skin feels so soft. This is something I hope to add into my monthly self care rituals and can’t wait to do it again!

Skeptical before, a believer now

Blake Phillips

I was skeptical about IV therapy but my wife made me get an immunity infusion prior to an international family vacation. (Both of us received one). When we got to Spain, I told my sister in law I’m now a lifetime believer. I get colds and they never go shorter than 10-14 days of miserable symptoms and then a nagging cough for weeks after. The night before we left to start our flights, I started to come down with cold symptoms. I almost cancelled our big family trip, knowing I would be sick all the way through it.  Two days of mild symptoms and then I was completely symptom free! I couldn’t believe my body fought it off like that! And we went hard on this trip- 11 days of flying, cruising, walking, walking, and more walking. And I did not have one cough or sniffle. That has never happened for me before and my only difference was receiving an infusion a week earlier.

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